We meet twice monthly and host major fund-raising and advocacy events to create awareness of human trafficking on Long Island. We do guest speaking at churches, synagogues, high schools, colleges, concerts, and more. We have also lobbied in our local, state, and federal legislators offices, written letters to Congress, and have contacted our local hotels to train them on how to identify the issue. We provide grants to organizations working to aid survivors of trafficking or assisting vulnerable groups of people to prevent some from becoming trafficking victims at all. The group has maintained a large number of members over the years and continues to thrive.


Our Mission

Long Island Against Trafficking seeks to educate communities, work with legislators, and raise money to help victims of human trafficking live fully restored lives.


Our VisIon

Long Island Against Trafficking was founded when a group of individuals were awakened to the realities of human sex trafficking while attending a lecture.  The words of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., "Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter" resonated in our hearts and minds.  We were compelled to join in the fight for those sex trafficked on Long Island and abroad.

Long Island Against Trafficking was established to raise funds for those victimized and raise public awareness of this modern-day form of slavery. We accomplish this by speaking at public and private events as well as lobbying at the local, state, and federal levels.  We plan and host fundraisers to aid in financially supporting victims.  We also partner with other human rights organizations to create a powerful collective voice.


Our history

We envision a world that is restored. We will advocate for change and freedom, because each and every life matters. The Long Island Taskforce brought you the Ride4Love and Tread on Trafficking for the past four years. In our fifth year as a group of passionate volunteers, we are proud to announce our transition and next event. The Long Island Taskforce has now transitioned to its own 501(c)3 volunteer organization, Long Island Against Trafficking (LIAT).

Not only will we continue to still support Love146, this new chapter allows us to partner with other organizations as we combat human trafficking within our own state borders. Since Human Trafficking Intervention Courts were both opened in Nassau and Suffolk County in 2013, it has become apparent to us that there is a need to provide support and bring awareness to the domestic issue here in the states and on Long Island as well as the transcontinental issue.

To join us, please e-mail info@endlitraffick.org. Stay updated about human trafficking in the world, in the state of New York, and on Long Island by following us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.