Our Projects

We are not content to only shed tears for those who are suffering in slavery. We are foolish enough to believe that we can make a difference in this world and do what others say cannot be done.

Educate & Eradicate Hotel Initiative


Our Educate & Eradicate Hotel Initiative is under development.

With the use of online classified ads, human trafficking has moved off the streets and behind the closed doors of local hotel rooms. Youths are targeted and manipulated by traffickers and are transported from place to place. Exploiters use hotel rooms as venues to abuse their victims knowing that systems are not in place to document and protect them.

Our program will assist local hotels in proactively creating systems to protect these victims and train their staff on how to identify and react to trafficking.


It is impossible to address a problem unless you first can understand the problem. It is impossible to measure your success in addressing a problem unless you first measure the scope of a problem. It is difficult to have government officials allocate limited personnel and financial resource without strong statistical and anecdotal evidence within their constituents. Our researchers gather that evidence. 

From time to time we also do targeted research on behalf of our partners to assist them in their projects.


We do guest speaking at churches, synagogues, high schools, colleges, concerts, and more. There we provide age appropriate presentations to educate our youth and their parents about the dangers of human trafficking and the methods that traffickers are using. Invite us to come to speak to your group. Our presentations are educational and often inspirational. 

Legislative Action

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More than a century has passed since President Lincoln ended legalized slavery in the United States, but there is still work that needs to be done to pass laws that deter would be traffickers; adequately punish convicted exploiters; educate and protect their would be victims and to restore those the system has failed to protect.

Recently some progress has been made and we are monitoring and assisting the implementation of these recent victories. Especially that adequate funding is provided for victim care.


FreedomFit & JusticeJam

FreedomFit and JusticeJam are annual fundraising events that we host. Come join us and have a good time for a good cause. See our calendar for a schedule of events.